A New Website for a New Name

Welcome to your first look
at the new Bank OZK Website

New look, same commitment to you. We’re excited to reveal our new website and share news about the name change. Our new name reflects both our heritage and commitment to building community and digital experiences to help you meet your financial needs. We value who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going with you.


Once the new name becomes official on July 16, 2018, there will be no interruption or inconvenience. That’s right, you won’t need to replace any checks, bank documents or debit or credit cards, nor re-enroll in any services, online banking or mobile banking. Sit back and enjoy our new, more vibrant look and feel!


It’s okay, we’ve all been there. It’s pronounced “bank o-zee-kay.”

Relevant Questions & Answers for
Customers and Shareholders

Answers to questions you may have about our new name, Bank OZK.

Why is the bank changing its name?
Bank of the Ozarks’ presence and brand have evolved in recent decades from an Arkansas community bank into a much larger regional bank with national lending businesses. Bank OZK is a name reflecting both our rich heritage and history and our commitment to be a leader in technology and innovation as we expand across the United States.

Since going public in 1997, the Bank’s total assets have grown from $307 million to $22.04 billion as of March 31, 2018, and it has expanded to 254 offices in 10 states. The Bank’s Real Estate Specialties Group and Indirect Marine/RV Lending Division serve customers throughout major markets across the United States.

The Bank has been recognized by leading industry publications as the nation’s number one performing bank in its asset size for each of the past eight years. According to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence1, Bank of the Ozarks is the 58th largest bank in the nation based on total assets as of March 31, 2018, and ranked 32nd based on total net income for 2017.

1 Excluding U.S. subsidiaries of foreign banks.
Why Bank OZK – what does OZK mean?
The name Bank OZK is unique and unlike any other bank name in the country. It’s distinctive, memorable and sets us apart as a forward-looking bank. As we position ourselves for continued growth, the name “Bank OZK” retains the brand equity we have developed over our 115-year history and our 21 years of outstanding performance as a public company. At the same time, it frees us from the limitations of a name tied to a specific geographic region.
When will the new name become official?
The new name will become effective on July 16, 2018.
How does this impact me?
We expect no interruption or inconvenience to you as a result of this change. Once the new name becomes official, you will not need to replace any checks, bank documents, debit or credit cards, or other items, and you will not need to re-enroll in any services, online banking or mobile banking. This will be a seamless and easy transition for you.
Will the new name change the manner in which the Bank does business?
No. We have a long and distinguished history and reputation of conducting ourselves with the highest level of ethics, integrity, honesty and honor. We will continue to operate in the same manner that has allowed us to be named the highest performing bank in the U.S. in our asset size category for each of the past eight years.
Does the new name mean the Bank will change the way it delivers services to customers?
No. Our bank is a leader in developing digital technology services that improve the experience of customers who use digital channels to conduct their banking. Our technology team members have a deep understanding of banking, financial technology and evolving customer expectations which help them develop innovative platforms and solutions to enhance your banking experience. This talented group of software engineers, product managers, designers and technologists understands the importance of anticipating your needs in new ways. Our success is built upon a long tradition of excellence that sets us apart in the industry, and you can expect that level of excellence to continue.
How is the new name pronounced?
The new name is pronounced “bank o-zee-kay”
Will there be a new logo?
Yes. A new logo, which will be revealed soon, will replace the current logo once the name change is effective.
Will the website change?
Yes. In addition to the rebranding of our website, we anticipate continuous enhancements to improve your online experience before and after our new name becomes effective. After the name change becomes effective, you will be able to access the rebranded website by going to www.ozk.com. Our existing website of www.bankozarks.com will automatically be redirected to the new website to minimize disruption of your online experience.
Does the name change include a systems conversion?
No. Our rebranding does not involve a systems conversion or consolidation. You can continue to use all of your existing products, services and delivery channels without interruption.
Will my online account access change?
No. You will continue to use your existing account login ID and password.
Can I continue to use my debit card?
Yes. You can use your existing debit card until its expiration date. At that time you will receive a new card with the new name and design.
Can I still use my checks?
Yes. You will be able to use your existing checks. After the name change, customers who re-order checks through our official check printer will receive checks with the new name.
Will the Bank’s routing and transit number change?
No. The Bank’s routing and transit numbers will not change.
Will I need to download a new app for mobile banking?
No. You will be able to continue using our existing mobile banking app without interruption. Upon the official date of the name change, our mobile banking app will receive a concurrent rebranding.
Will the Bank’s branch signage change?
Yes. All signage for Bank of the Ozarks will be changed to Bank OZK after the name change.
What does the future hold?
This is an exciting time as we continue to provide best-in-class experiences and innovation to our customers while embracing a larger role in the nation’s banking landscape.
Who do I ask, or call, if I have additional questions?
Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-274-4482.


When will the new name become official?
Our shareholders approved the new name at our May 7, 2018 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. We have filed an application with the Arkansas State Bank Department seeking approval of the new name. Assuming regulatory approval is obtained, we anticipate the new name will become effective on July 16, 2018.
Will the stock trade under a new ticker symbol?
Yes. After the name change, we anticipate that our common stock will trade under a new ticker, “OZK,” which we have reserved.
Will my shares continue to trade on NASDAQ?
Yes, we expect that beginning on July 16, 2018, our shares will trade on NASDAQ under a new ticker symbol, OZK.
As a Bank of the Ozarks shareholder, are my stock certificates still valid?
Yes. Your current Bank of the Ozarks stock certificates will remain valid and you are not required to submit for new certificates due to the name change.
Will the banks's CUSIP number change?
Yes, effective July 16, 2018 our new CUSIP number will be 06417N 103.
If I would like new certificates reflecting the new name, do I need to submit my old stock certificates?

While current Bank of the Ozarks stock certificates will remain valid and you are not required to submit for new certificates due to the name change, you do have the option of requesting new certificates. In order to request a new stock certificate, you will need to submit the original stock certificate along with a letter of instruction indicating that you would like to have your shares reflected on a new stock certificate reflecting the new name. Please contact Bank of the Ozarks stock transfer agent to complete the request for your new stock certificates.

Stock Transfer Agent
Bank of the Ozarks

Sheila Mayden [email protected]

Or John Franklin [email protected]

17901 Chenal Parkway
Little Rock, AR 72223
T: 501-978-2218 or 501-978-2228

Will I continue to have the same number of shares after the name change?
Yes, the name change will not change the number of shares you hold.
Who do I ask, or call, if I have additional questions related to my stock?
Please contact Investor Relations at 501-978-2265.