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Business Online Banking Services Application

Secure access to your accounts where you control permissions for every user.

Business Information

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Requester Information

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Senior Administrator Information

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Senior Administrator - authority includes full account access and the ability to change permissions and/or remove Administrators and Base Users from online access. The Senior Administrator may process transactions without additional approval. One Senior Administrator must be designated.


Add New Account(s)

Add information for each existing Bank OZK business account that you would like to add to Online Banking. You can add additional accounts below.


Other Designated User(s)

Add information for each user that you would like to access Online Banking and specify what level of access each needs. You can add additional users below.

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Administrator(s) - access will vary and be determined by the Senior Administrator. Authority may include ability to change permissions and/or remove online access to certain established User profiles.

Base User(s) - access will vary and be determined by the Senior Administrator and/or other Administrator(s)

  • For Bill Pay services only, an Administrator or the Senior Administrator must approve Base User transactions. Bill Pay transactions initiated by an Administrator or Senior Administrator do not require additional approval.
  • User access to Mobile Banking is granted as part of the Business Online Banking Service. Users may opt out of the Mobile Banking Services by contacting the Bank.
  • Bank OZK's Business Online Banking/Treasury Management Master Terms and Conditions and Bank's Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions (collectively referenced throughout as "Terms and Conditions") are incorporated herein by reference, and Customer should refer to Bank OZK's Terms and Conditions for further information.
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As the Contracting Executive (also referenced as the "Authorization Signer(s)" or the "Authorizing Signer(s)") of the Bank OZK Account(s) listed above, I am 1.) requesting online access to my Account(s), and 2.) designating one Senior Administrator as well as certain Administrator(s) and/or Base User(s) (collectively referenced throughout as "Users") as set forth above in regard to such Account(s). Such designation gives a Senior Administrator, Administrator(s) and/or Base User(s) the authority to act in regard to the Account(s) as set forth herein and as more fully set forth in Bank OZK's Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference. By enrolling in Business Online Banking Services via this Application, Customer agrees to be bound by Bank OZK's Terms and Conditions, as the same may be amended from time to time. Bank OZK will provide an Access ID and temporary password for the Senior Administrator and each authorized Administrator(s) and/or Base User(s) listed above.


Basic Business Single User - Free with eStatements or $5 per month without eStatements.

Basic Business Multi User - $12 monthly fee.

Free Small Business Checking/Interest Plus Checking - No monthly fee for the first 15 bills paid each month and $0.50 for each additional bill paid.

Business Growth Checking - Unlimited payments with no monthly charge or per item charge.

You may review our Terms and Conditions here.