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Trust & Estate Services

Bank OZK Trust and Wealth Professionals are available to provide individual consultation, financial planning, trust and investment management services to help you meet your financial goals with timely advice and expertise tailored to reflect your individual priorities and values.

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Trust Services You Can Count On

Bank OZK has extensive knowledge and expertise in administering all kinds of trusts.

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Trust Administration

A Revocable (or Living) Trust can be a very effective estate planning tool. It can facilitate professional management of your assets during your lifetime, provide a safety net for you and your family in case of your incapacity or death, and establish long-range plans for the continued privacy, care, and management of your assets for your family and future generations.

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Special Needs Trust Administration

Bank OZK provides thoughtful, skilled, and high touch administration to our special needs beneficiaries, their families and associated professionals. Because each beneficiary has unique needs, we work as a team with our beneficiaries and their families to enhance quality of life with thoughtful consideration given to benefits received. We also focus on continued education as Special Needs Trust Administration is an ever-evolving subject area, and you need an up to date team of experts working for you.

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Directed and Delegated Trust Administration

Our primary goal at Bank OZK Trust and Wealth is to provide comprehensive services that meet our clients’ needs. With that in mind, we initiated Directed and Delegated Trustee Services in 2015 so that we can meet the needs of clients who have established relationships with other investment advisors but happen to need trustee services too. A Directed or Delegated Trust allows our clients to keep their relationship with their trusted investment advisor while also benefiting from the experience, expertise and professionalism that a corporate trustee can provide.

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Estate Settlement

Executing your wishes as directed in your estate plan is a complex task. It may require extensive probate administration and management of your assets and disbursements to beneficiaries. With Bank OZK as your executor or personal representative, you are assured of the expertise required to settle your estate efficiently, professionally, and impartially – just as you intended.

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Estate Planning

Leaving your loved ones without a well-constructed estate plan can create unintended consequences. This may result in additional and unnecessary costs, anxiety, and stress for those you leave behind. Let our experienced Trust and Wealth Officers help you develop and implement a plan, working with your legal and tax advisors, that will provide you peace of mind knowing that your estate will be properly structured and managed for the benefit of your loved ones.

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Guardianships Bank OZK can serve as the guardian of the estate for children or adults who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. As guardian of the estate, we make sure that assets are handled prudently and work closely with the guardian of the person to meet specific needs.

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Corporate Trust Services

Bank OZK Corporate Trust has earned a reputation for recognizing and responding to client needs and building specialized lines of business in corporate trust. We are a leader in providing trust services to a myriad of debt-issuing authorities, including municipalities, government agencies and corporations.

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